Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip are responsible for one of the best songs and videos of recent years with Thou Shalt Always Kill. They must believe that the preaching and simple Sega-beeps of that track did something for them and lo-and-behold, we now have Get Better.

The duo look like they want the mantle of ‘band of a generation’ now that the Tories are set to take over in Britain. The opening line, ‘Imagine a song that really reached out and touched kids, and not in a Daily Mail way. Innocence corrupting, but in a way that criticism remained constructive and not too politicised, and children weren’t instructed to behave in a way that was unrealistic or made out that they were sick or unrealistic.’

The rest of the track continues in a similar way. Which is not a bad thing.

Get Better is taken from the album, The Logic Of Chance out in the middle of March. They are also touring around Britain and Ireland in support of it. Get tickets early, because this band are grwoing and getting better with every release.

But remeber, they are just a band!

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip- Get Better