Ellie Goulding has topped the BBC Sound of 2010 list, following in the footsteps of Little Boots, Adele, Mika, and 50 Cent.

The acts on the list were chosen by 165 UK-based tastemakers, who each named their favourite three new artists, and the 15 acts with the most votes made the longlist.

Beating off competition from Marina and the Diamonds, Delphic, Hurts, and The Drums to top the poll, the pressure has increased on Ellie, literally, overnight. Undoubtedly she has talent. One only needs to look at the tracks available on Hype Machine to see that she has that certain something that so many other acts lack.

But in an age of such turnover in taste, where one second someone like La Roux can be successful and adored by everyone, while the next being denigrated by so many more, does this list really matter? Surely these acts will succeed without such mainstream backing?

When already the next big thing is being touted after Ellie Jackson, Daisy Dares You has the backing of Popjustice which, more often than not, is months ahead of the likes of the BBC, surely The Sound of list only exists as a further list for the month of January when so little music news exists.

It also acts as a deterrent to the anti-mainstream audience, the fans who liked that these acts are ‘their band’. It happens on a recurring basis with almost every ‘tipped act’. There is always a backlash.

Another question that arises with the announcement of the eighth Sound of list is whether it is reflective of the last year in music, or of the twelve months to come. To say that Ellie Goulding is the antithesis of last year’s winner, Little Boots, is simply not possible. Their electro sounds are identical. Indeed they could easily pass as one artist. Her music has probably already been described as Little Boots stuck in a lift with… Little Boots.

This is not an attack on either artist- I personally think that both have more ability than some ‘real’ bands, such as the Drum- but rather, an attack on the list itself and its lack of any real surprise. Most bloggers, and, indeed, most music fans, will already be more than familiar with all the acts on the list. Where is the next big thing that nobody has heard?

I am sure that the list will succeed as it always does, but it is arguable that Little Boots did not achieve the full potential of such exposure in 2009. Who knows if it will be repeated again this year? The tabloids will not cover her as much as, in an extreme example, Amy Winehouse, because Ellie herself confesses, she does not drink or do drugs. Will she fall by the wayside and be forgotten about?

That old idiom of time will tell, is the case here. We will definitely be seeing more of ms Goulding in the coming months. Her début album, Lights is to be released in March, and is preceded on February 22nd by Starry Eyed.

Meanwhile, for better or worse, the Sound of list will continue for what seems like the rest of time: as long as music is still listened to, the BBC will continue to publish what you WANT to listen to. And you will not resist…

Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed

Ellie Goulding- Under The Sheets