British noiseniks Blood Red Shoes have announced a new album, Fire Like This, to be released on March 1st.

Having made the seven minute epic Colours Fade available as a free download from their site, the duo, Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell, will be streaming a song a week until the release of their second album.

Blood Red Shoes are one of those bands who don’t do glamour or hype but do music to a staggering degree. Having seen them preview the tracks at last year’s Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, I can happily say they have not traded in any of their virtues for the new tracks.

They are a band who will easily sell out smaller venues despite NME and the like not even glancing their way. Having toured extensivvely all over Europe, Ireland and the UK, the band has a dedicated fanbase which will see them succeed with or without the hype!
A band you can truly believe in!

Blood Red Shoes- Colours Fade

Blood Red Shoes- Light It Up