What with all the new music lists purporting to forecast what you will be listening to in the coming months, such as the BBC Sound Of 2010, The NME, and countless others, it is possible to lose sightof the music just around the corner. Searching out good new Irish music is a difficult task when you see the coverage, or lack thereof, afforded by the Irish media. So every Friday from now on, I will do my utmost to provide you with some of the best that Ireland has to offer. Today, four bands which should be familiar to many , and one who could be starts of the show…

1. Villagers

Conor O’ Brien’s new venture is the success story waiting to happen. After hitting us with two eps, signing to Domino and providing us with a heart-stopping live show, Villagers finally look ready to unleash a behemoth of an album on a suspecting public in 2010.

Villagers- Transitional Confessional

2. Yes Cadets

Currently unsigned, though surely not for long, this four-piece from Belfast have been busy crafting some of most pristine elecro-pop anthems this side of Franz Ferdinand. Already lauded by the likes of State magazine and Hot Press, their next release should confirm their ascent into the hearts of the Irish public.

Yes Cadets- Burial/ Tongues

3. O Emperor

Hailing from Cork and Waterford, this band has been busy making themselves known to the Irish public through support slots all around the country and their upcoming turn with Local Natives could be the perfect gig. With a sound closer to Villagers than Yes Cadets, they should be stalwards of the Irish music scene before long.

O Emperor- Po

4. We Cut Corners

This double act from Dublin do not sound like other two-piece bands. White Stripes and Blood Red Shoes wish they could create something with as much emotional punch as Conall and John. They have created much hype after their single Toll Free became a mainstay of late night radio shows so when new material does arrive, you better be first in line.

We Cut Corners- Toll Free

5. Wonder Villains

The band with the least amount of coverage thus far, but expect that all to change in 2010. An all-girl two piece from Derry, they have immense potential and if their first single, Oh Peter is anything to go by, we may well have found our very own Ellie Goulding (and Little Boots).

Wonder Villains- Oh Peter

And there we have it. Here are five Irish bands who deserve to adorn magazine covers, grace tv screens and rule your radio. It is terrible to think they may not get the coverage that they deserve so please, take some time from Facebook and Farmville and listen, learn, and love these bands…