Archive: February 2010

Whelan’s was bursting at the seams on Saturday. It was the night before Valentine’s day, and one of the most dreamy, loving bands imaginable were ready to get Dublin in a sweaty mess, and in the mood for romance. FIrst off, Lawrence Arabia, hailing from New Zealand, get things off to a flying start with […]

Following on from the post about the new Futureheads track, ‘Heartbeat Song’, they’ve only gone and made a video for it. I think you will like it… Nice to see their faces again. Reminds me of that other good quizshow type music video by a certain New York band…

Thos lovable Sunderland rascals, The Futureheads are back with the first single from their fourth (YES FOURTH) album, ‘The Chaos’. The Heartbeat Song is typical Futureheads and does not stray far from the mould of the pop-punk musical stylings of the past. According to Clash Music, the album is out on April 26th in England, […]

“Not another Brooklyn band?!”, I hear you shout as you read the band biography concurrently with this review. But readers, wait! This band is different. They are beloved of the blogs! They take a few listens before you realise their genius! They will be at the top of the best of lists in December! Ok, […]

Ah Hot Chip how we love thee. Yes, the nerdiest band in the world are back and staring down the barrel of worldwide domination.