Ah Hot Chip how we love thee. Yes, the nerdiest band in the world are back and staring down the barrel of worldwide domination.

They almost had it in their grasp when they released The Warning in 2006, an album that just lost out on the Mercury Music Prize to the first Arctic Monkeys’ album. Over and Over became the song of the year after dominating airwaves during the summer.

The five piece then recorded Made in the Dark and again had the world within their grasp, but didn’t quite get it. Despite one of the video’s of the year in the form of Ready for the Floor, the album was seen by some (the bloody NME) as a failure, though Pitchfork made it one of their ten albums of the year. Sometimes those Americans get some things right that everyone else fails to see.

And so, here we are, hoping against hope that Hot Chip achieve genuine headliner status and mainstream success. Also, it would be brilliant to see Alexis Taylor, with oversized glasses that would put Denis Taylor to shame, become a sex symbol, or something to that effect.

If you are unfamiliar with Hot Chip, then shame on you. They make electronic songs on their laptops in their bedrooms then, meet and come up with songs that are astounding in their emotional output. They could reduce you to tears if you were not already raving like someone who had just visited a headshop and then gone to Glastonbury!

The self-titled first single from the album, has all the trademarks of a classic Hot Chip song. Mildly dangerous opening beats, tales of not losing “my baby”, before a chorus that Rihanna or Kylie Minogue (yes, Hot Chip were asked to write a song for her), would die for.

Opening track, Thieves in the Night, at six minutes long, could have been off-putting for some. But could well be one of the most perfect songs to open an album that you hear all year. The emotional punch of this album cannot be understated. Alexis really sounds like he knows love inside out, and that he knows that “Happiness is what we all want”.

Brothers, meanwhile, is a tale of, ahem, brotherly love, and literally giving your life for your friends. It is hard to imagine many bands being able to pull off such a potentially lame song. But Hot Chip do it in such a way that one imagines that at a gig, this could turn into an ‘Oasis moment’, with arms wrapped around the shoulders of a stranger, shouting the song back at the band, with tears in your eyes!

Slush has vocal backing throughout of “Hamana Hamana Hamana Hamana Hamana”, which does sound like Speedy Gonzales singing a love song. Obviously this shows the ingenuity of Joe Goddard and the rest of the band. Nothing is too far from experimenting with for Hot Chip.

Take It In, the closing track, is a Jekyll-and Hyde track with vocals and music doing battle to get the listener’s attention. Another shimmering chorus of love follows, “Please take my heart and keep it close to you/ Take It in” before the album fades to what should surely be swooning from anyone who listens. Hot Chip are a band to fall in love with, who can soundtrack all the moments of your own love life, or lacktherof, and enhance every second.

They deserve every plaudit that is sure to follow the release of One Life Stand


One Life Stand is out now.