Thos lovable Sunderland rascals, The Futureheads are back with the first single from their fourth (YES FOURTH) album, ‘The Chaos’.
The Heartbeat Song is typical Futureheads and does not stray far from the mould of the pop-punk musical stylings of the past.

According to Clash Music, the album is out on April 26th in England, and April 23rd onIrish shores.

Anyone who has seen the band live will know what a criminally underrated foursome they are, and having done the rounds since the beginning of the millenium (sounds like ages ago) they deserve a break, perhaps some time in the limelight even.

Introducing us to a riff not far removed from Pearl Jam’s ‘The Fixer’, the vocals are instantly recognisable as Barry Hyde. A chorus implores that “I still want to sing with you”.

Nothing will sound too different from what has gone before but the fact that The Futureheads are one of the best British Bands of the past ten years, makes this fact a misnomer.

Responsible for some of the best indie tracks in recent memory, including ‘Carnival Kids’, Their Kate Bush cover ‘Hounds of Love’, and ‘Walking Backwards’, ‘The Heartbeat Song’ is bound to burrow its way into your thoughts for the coming weeks. get it below before it is too late.

Futureheads- Heartbeat Song