Whelan’s was bursting at the seams on Saturday. It was the night before Valentine’s day, and one of the most dreamy, loving bands imaginable were ready to get Dublin in a sweaty mess, and in the mood for romance.

FIrst off, Lawrence Arabia, hailing from New Zealand, get things off to a flying start with their brand of ”New old fashioned pop music”. Incorporating a bit of brass, very little banter, and tunes you could die for, the five-piece ensured that Beach House would be playing to a club set to explode.

Beach House treated  the onlookers to a generous helping of the tracks from the recently-released Teen Dream, as well as some crowd-pleasing oldies.

Zebra, Walk in the Park, and Used to be were all particular highlights of a laid-back outing in the usually manic Whelan’s. The added bonus of a live drummer helped Beach House create a stunning set.

In a few hours time, it would be Valentine’s Day, where couples were only allowed look into each others’ eyes. Tonight however, it was impossible not to stare at Victoria LeGrand mesmerising work.

A truly stunning evening.