Think of an awkward band with high pretentions of themselves and a dedicated fanbase, and many people who “just don’t get them”. Ok, now forget Radiohead, and yes, you have it. Foals. They are back with a new single, an album title, and a very arty, pretentious video.

Yannis Philippakis et al have been busy recording their new long player, Total Life Forever, for the past few months, and almost two years after their debut, Antidotes, we get new music from the math-rock Oxfordshire band.

The new track, Spanish Sahara, is not a dramatic change of pace for the group. It has a restrained feel to it, a little removed from the hyperactive and jammed likes of Hummer and Cassius. What this means is that Foals will either alienate half their fan base with the release of Total Life Forever, or gain a fanbase and become your older brother’s favourite band.

The video does little to make anyone think any different of the band. One gets the feeling that they like the ‘smarter-than-thou’ tag. If the glove fits. Time will tell whether the hype will die out, but chances are, Foals will be one of the big bands gracing the summer stages at the festivals this year. Expect singalongs. And expect Spanish Sahara to be ferocious in the live setting in a few months.

Total Life Forever (an incredibly upbeat, and ironic you sense, title) is released on May 7 in Ireland. Find the video here, and the mp3 just below.

Foals- Spanish Sahara