Steve Mason is one of those underground gods who, every so often, appear to a select few.

He was in the Beta Band who disbanded in 2004; then he did some work himself under the name King Biscuit Time and now, he releases an album under his own name for the first time.

And from what has been heard so far, this could be the definitive work that sees him rise into the mainstream’s eyeline for the first time.

Boys Outside is the title of the album, and the first track is ‘All Come Down’ which has a video here

The first single proper is ‘Lost And Found’ which is mesmerising and haunting and a million othe rdifferent hyperboles all at once. It truly sounds like a song that could grow into the killer song of 2010.

Having been at this for almost two decades now, isn’t it about time the world started taking Steve Mason a little seriously?

Boys Outside is released in Ireland on 30/04, and in England the following Monday.

Steve Mason- Lost and Found