It is refreshing to go to a gig knowing that what you see is not what you will get. If you go to a Lynard Skynard show- they were in town last week, hence the reference- you expect to see ‘Freebird’ and ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. You do not want to sit through the turgid album tracks that nobody, including the band, has listened to since the 70s.

But Panda Bear is no Lynard Skynard. Panda Bear is, to put it in human terms, Noah Lennox, from the award-winning and critically-acclaimed to the point of absurdity, Animal Collective.

When tickets arrived back in January, Person Pitch was immediately switched on to reacquaint myself with some of the best recordings of the decade-Pitchfork got something right.

But it was, is, and will forever be, apparent that Panda Bear does not play by anybody else’s rules. There are no ‘hits’, let alone anything that people may have even heard before. This is a music show that is all about what is happening on stage. There should be no false apprehensions about what the show was going to entail.

Noah Lennox set up his own gear, perhaps wary of the roadie misplacing one of the seemingly thousands of leads that do millions of things. And then, it begins.

He says, “Hello”, “thank you”, and “it is good to be here”, and then, it begins. Wearing an Adidas tracktop, Noah proceeds to blow ears, eyes and minds for an hour, wioth only a projector screen behind him providing visual stimulation.

And what about the music itself?

It does not sound like an obvious progression from Person Pitch, in the way that Merriweather Post Pavillion was. The sounds here were harsher and more willing to alienate people than before. And this is undoubtedly a good thing.

The sound will certainly change by the time the album, Tomboy, is released later this year. But Noah Lennox is always thinking ahead, and planning his next project, so don’t be surprised to get even more music next year, whether it be from himself, AC, or anyone else.

Noah Lennox live is an experience. An experience that is mesmerising, enchanting, beguiling and fascinating from start to finish. He set the trend three years ago with his Person Pitch, and after this display, do not be surprised to see him setting the agenda for the next decade at least.

Below is a video of ‘Bullseye. Under that are photos taken by Brid O’ Donovan