If Kings of Leon had chosen critical acclaim over mainstream acclaim, then one might imagine their sound to be like the new track from Black Keys.

As it is though, what Black Keys have created,with the help of Danger Mouse, for this track at least, is a cracking rock and roll affair with a full blown, dual- guitar solo outro. Not completely dissimilar to some of the tracks off the second Raconteurs’ album, ‘Tighten Up’ sounds like it was bathed in beer and whiskey before being paraded to the public.

“Well I was young and moving fast and nothing slowed me down.”

Taken from the self-produced (bar this track) Brothers, Tighten Up could well find itself on many a playlist throughout the year.


01 Everlasting Light
02 Next Girl
03 Tighten Up
04 Howlin’ for You
05 She’s Long Gone
06 Black Mud
07 The Only One
08 Too Afraid to Love You
09 Ten Cent Pistol
10 Sinister Kid
11 The Go Getter
12 I’m Not the One
13 Unknown Brother
14 Never Gonna Give You Up
15 These Days

Brothers is due out in May

Black Keys- Tighten Up