Arctic Monkeys have had a pretty quiet nine months since they first released the third album Humbug. Despite a few tours here and there, they have hardly been as in-your-face as they were during that first album run all those years ago.

But, they have already released two singles, and are releasing the opening track from Humbug soon. ‘My Propeller’ is an odd track on an odd album. After five seconds it turns decidedly experimental. It could well have been the track that led ppeople to leave the bandwagon.

And now the video:

It has had a bit more thought put into it, you feel than this one (though this is easily the best track on Humbug)

Arctic Monkeys- ‘Cornerstone’

And then there was the first video from the album, that made people ask what they were doing trying to ‘change’ their sound, which can’t be embedded…

Arctic Monkeys- ‘Crying Lightning’

And in case you missed one of the greatest videos they ever made, here they are at Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs’ house: