Archive: April 2010

The Golden Filter might be one of those bands who are talked about a lot, but might pass more than a few people by. And this would of course be bad, especially on hearing their new album ‘Voluspa’. So to remedey this possible blight on humanity, you can stream the duo’s fantastic debut below, via […]

Kele, he of Bloc Party fame, but who had enough and is going it alone, presumably to mediocre success, has made the first track from his first album (by himself, lest you forget) available for the whole world to hear. Here it is…. No, wait, that was Wiley with ‘Wearing My Rolex’, a track that […]

I was wondering when they would be back- music has been too upbeat since the foursome’s depressing/uplifting last release, ‘Our Love to Admire’, in 2007. Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler, Carlos D, and Sam Fogarino have been extremely quiet of late crafting their as-yet-untitled fourth album. Of couse we had Banks’ side project Julian Plenti is…. […]