Archive: May 2010

It’s that time of year again (well that time of year that comes every four years) when everyone and their grandmother starts talking about the World Cup. For 6 beautiful weeks, the beautiful game is blasted at us from all angles and the world rejoices. Everyone will discuss their hot tips and their choices of […]

The Foals boys have knocked out three videos for the new album ‘Total Life Forever’ in about three months. Below is the latest, ‘Miami’ one of the catchiest tracks on the album, though noticably difficult to sing along to. Disclaimer: No member of Foals features in the promo for ‘Miami’, as I am sure you […]

Those English-language loving boys are at it again in their new video. To say Vampire Weekend have fun with the promos is an understatment. They have impersonated The Cure, made a stop-motion masterpiece, and had Jake Gyllenhaal sup whiskey, to name but a few of the ideas they have come up with. And here is […]

What A birthday present this is going to be. Ireland will be getting the new Arcade Fire album on July 30, a full three days before the UK, and four before the US. It is indeed titleed ‘The Suburbs’ and could well be a concept album, as highlighted by NME, about the inertia of life […]

I am a relative newcomer to the wonder of The xx. It took about six months after they released the album before I actually decided that yes, in fact, it is an utterly astounding work of genius. And National Public Radio (NPR), those kind American souls have full live sets from headliners Hot Chip, who […]

To say Arcade Fire fans are obsessive is an understatement. Within minutes of Zane Lowe giving ‘The Suburbs’ and ‘Month of May’ their first play on his show, the bloggers and internet aficionados were sharing copies and devouring them. The wait has been palpable. Neon Bible was panned byt he critics and fans alike for […]

The comebacks have been happening thick and fast over the past few weeks. We had MGMT release their second album, Congratulations, much to the chagrin of the entire world.There were also more crowd-pleasing favourites in the shape of Foals and James Murphy’s much-loved Lcd Soundsystem. Today, we have Klaxons. Yes, after more than three years […]