The comebacks have been happening thick and fast over the past few weeks. We had MGMT release their second album, Congratulations, much to the chagrin of the entire world.There were also more crowd-pleasing favourites in the shape of Foals and James Murphy’s much-loved Lcd Soundsystem.
Today, we have Klaxons. Yes, after more than three years in the Brazilian wilderness, with live shows sparingly smattered around the world, the trio that brought Nu-rave to the, ahem, masses, are back.
‘Flashover’ is the first track from their long-awaited sophomore effort that has been canned oncealready (that we know of) and has led to many rumours about the demise of the band most famous for the ‘ooo-e-ooo-e-ooo-e-ooo-e-oo oh ah’ song.

But what does it sound like and was it worth the wait?

The obvious answer is that this would not have won them many fans three years ago. ‘Flashover’ sounds like a metal band who have had enough headbanging and are simply looking to have a bit of a rest.

It also smacks of too many musical ideas for one single song. It has Attention Deficit Disorder and does not feature any in-tune singing. Rather there is quite a lot of shouting. This is angry Klaxons. This is not lovable Atlantis to Interzone Klaxons. Simon, Jamie, and James have created a brutal assault in just over three minutes.

They have never been ones for flashy lyrics but you still expect better than the second verse: “Messages/Hidden images/ The overmind has noticed another shift”, and back into the shouty chorus. It is all very simplistic chorus-verse territory. Three years should have seen a masterpiece being borne. Sadly, this track leaves much to the imagination. It also begs another pertinant question:
Will there be anyone left for them to play it to?
Nu-rave died precisely five minutes after it was born and the whole dance-rock schtick has been moved on no end by the likes of Foals and Friendly Fires.
If this is how Klaxons intend on winning new fans over, they could be in for a major shock.