I am a relative newcomer to the wonder of The xx. It took about six months after they released the album before I actually decided that yes, in fact, it is an utterly astounding work of genius.

And National Public Radio (NPR), those kind American souls have full live sets from headliners Hot Chip, who are also worthy of much accliam, and the aforementioned xx

Coming in at just 36 minutes, the support’s slot does exactly what it is supposed to do: whet the aperite and leave the audience gasping for more. For someone like me, an unlucky person yet to catch the band live, this does leave me anticipating a traversee around the world in a bid to catch them.

They are doing the festival rounds and are surely playing one near you.

Link: The xx live set

Link: Hot Chip live set

The xx– ‘VCR’

Hot Chip– ‘I Feel Better’