Archive: June 2010

Here is something I knocked out on Sunday about England’s World Cup exit. I would have done more posts about the tournament but am sadly lacking in internet at the moment. And a vast knowledge of the game. But anyway…. England versus Germany on Sunday was supposed to be the fixture that did not rely […]

Holy Ghost have really surpassed themselves with some great remixes of too much stuff to mention. But they do seem to enjoy getting their hands on LCD Soundsystem tracks. They have only gone and made a video for it too, as part of the Adult Swim Singles Programme. You can see the video below, and […]

I wrote about Suckers last week here, where you can stream the debut album “Wild Smile”. Then, during the week, they made a video for “Black Sheep” which you can see here As if that was not enough to convince you of their Modest Mouse like talents they went and did some acoustic tracks for […]

Every week Mystery Jets are releasing a new song from the Serotonin sessions (‘Serotonin’ being the name of their new album). It was recorded in a grand house by the river Thames. View ‘The Girl is Gone’ below. It is track three from the album and you can view other Mystery Jets stuff here and […]

Stars made a name for themselves with the fantastic ‘In Our Bedroom After The War’ back in 2007. Then they toured and toured and toured. The Canadian five-piece have since found the time to form their own label, Soft Revolution and make a new album, “The Five Ghosts”. The first single from the album is […]

Labels have not worked in music for the past few years. How do we describe the latest Rihanna release? What about Yeasayer or Animal Collective? In a world where Kesha actually qualifies as ‘good music’ to some people, perhaps labelling what a band sounds like nowadays is akin to describing France as a footballing nation. […]

LCD Soundsystem get the remix treatment from a duo from Australia, and if you are heading to Ibiza, get ready for some killer tunes…

Foals and Kele have featured on the blog in the past, and today we got a remix for both of their big songs so far this year. First up, Kele’s ‘Tenderoni’, from the soon-to-be-released ‘The Boxer’ album, got a reworking by Kris Menace’ and makes it more echoey and less claustrophobic. It makes a lot […]

Broken Social Scene played the third track from ‘Forgiveness Rock Record’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ in America last night. Full marks if you can name all the members who were there. Looked like they had fun though. ‘Texico Bitches’ is the third track on the album which was warmly received and gets better […]

I wrote about Suckers last week and today, we are given a video for their Modest Mouse infused single, ‘Black Sheep’. You can watch it below. Be warned: It features some seriously high guitar-noodling, and a pretty hairy guitarist. Myspace Twitter Facebook