One of my favourite bands of yesteryear, Mystery Jets have been working on a new album, Serotonin, which will see the light of day in July. They are most famous for having an old person in the band-yes, an old person in a rock and roll band: Henry Harrison is singer Blaine’s dad.

They have released a video for the first official single to be taken off the forthcoming release. The track is called ‘Dreaming of another world’, and the video sees the four boys getting their hair done, dancing and lifting weights, among other things.

It is in the same dream-pop vein of things as ‘Young love’ and ‘Two doors down’ from the previous album, Twenty one.

Mystery Jets should see some deserved airplay with the single, and here is hoping that ‘Serotonin’, out July 2 in Ireland, sees the band reach new heights.

The video is below, and the track can be downloaded for free here.

Dreaming of Another World

Mystery Jets | MySpace Music Videos