A quick glance down the tracklisting for the Twilight sage: Eclipse’s OST does not reveal its biggest and best charm: A new track from the wonderful Battles, they of seven minute instrumental heaven fame.

The Line is the first new audio we have heard from the band since 2008 and the biggest change they have undergone? They have added singing to their repertoire. Yes, they could not resist anyt longer.

“Curious lot project these apparitions in a slow beat,” chimes Tyondai Braxton (I assume). Sure we have had little vocal sprints from them before spread thinly throughout their first album, ‘Mirrored’, but this is full-blown singing.

However, we must not get sidetracked from the fact that Battles still know how to create an absolutely jaw-dropping palette of heavy rock.

Clocking in at just over five minutes, the track acts as a perfect album closer (as a secret track) for the Twilight album, but it remains to be seen if it will reach their own forthcoming lp. Perhaps the singing makes it too mainstream for them. But if this is the type of song they decline to exclude, just think how great all the other songs are.

Battles – ‘The Line’

The full tracklisting for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse OST is,

1. Eclipse (All Yours) by Metric
2. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) by Muse
3. Ours by The Bravery
4. Heavy In Your Arms by Florence + The Machine
5. My Love by Sia
6. Atlas performed by Fanfarlo
7. Chop And Change by The Black Keys
8. Rolling In On A Burning Tire by The Dead Weather
9. Let’s Get Lost by Beck and Bat For Lashes
10. Jonathan Low by Vampire Weekend
11. With You In My Head (feat The Black Angels) by UNKLE
12. A Million Miles An Hour by Eastern Conference Champions
13. Life On Earth by Band of Horses
14. What Part Of Forever by Cee-Lo
15. Jacob’s Theme by Howard Shore

It is out Friday.