Tired Pony will be reviewed as a supergroup. They feature members from more than two bands and therefore, this is not a sideproject. This is not a mere music band. Ha, no! This is a supergroup.

The term has dogged many other ‘other’ bands in the past, the most notable being Audioslave, which was basically Rage Against The Machine minus the angry singer, but with added Soundgarden angry vocalist. Needless to say, the group was not the best and dipersed back to whence they came two years ago. Though Chris Cornell has taken a much-maligned solo path which saw him collaborate with Timbaland, to the detriment of the entire earth.

But anyway, back to Tired Pony.

Tired Pony is Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol’s vanity project. He called up various members of some bands he had met along the beaten road, a big name producer friend, and yet more people, and has made a ‘country-tinged’ music project, the fruits of which are being drip-fed to us with every passing week.

Today, the group gave us a listen of ‘Point me at Lost Islands’, which has backing vocals sung by the indier-than-thou Zooey Deschanel, of She and Him.

It definitely wears its cowboy boots on its feet, and one imagines that this would be the perfect modern song to start a hoedown in a disused barn in the middle of nowhere. If one were to be cynical, the idea that it is just a Snow Patrol song in all but name could be put out there as a description, what with its tugging-on-the-heartstrings endearingness. But I am not the cynical tyope. Hsve a listen to the track below.

Tired Pony’s debut lp, ‘the Place We Ran From’, is released on 9 July. They have two dates currently announced for the london Forum, but nothing else-yet. For more info, visit their site here.

Just to clarify, Peter Buck, M Ward, Garret ‘Jacknife’ Lee, Iain Archar, and Tom Smith are some of Mr Lightbody’s collaborators in Tired Pony. Just don’t call them a supergroup. Unless you are a reviewer…

Tired Pony- Point Me At Lost Islands by stripeyjumper