A quick look at the charts lately, if you can subject yourself to it, reveals a quite harrowing truth: people are listening to terrible, horrific songs. When the likes of Kesha are getting bandied around n a daily basis, you know something is wrong.

All this makes it so satisfying when you discover music that is done exactly how you like it. Guitar hooks, interesting lyrics and a voice to make you swoon.

Please welcome Social Studies, from San Francisco.

With a female vocalist in Natalia Rogovin, who also plays keyboards(she is also a classically trained pianist), comparisons to Beach House are inevitable. But this is Beach House having fun, throwing a party and not wondering if the person they fancy is going to show up.

Natalia and drummer Michael Jirkovsky formed the band after meeting in college. After seeing many members pass through their band, they are completed by Jesse Hudson and Tom Smith. This makes them the band with the best named members in the world: Rogovin, Jirkovsky, Hudson and….Smith. What a combination!

The track below is from the NME soundcloud page. Entitled ‘Holler Boys’, Natalia claims she has ‘read every single book I owned’. But so what, she asks. ‘Raccoons got your prints… Am I free to go?’, she questions later on. This could be the track that grows and grows and grows.

Their myspace features some tracks from their first ep, ‘Wind Up, Wooden Heart’, and feature a peach of a song in the shape of ‘Drag a Rake’. Listen while you can.

Social Studies – ‘Holler Boys’ by nmemagazine