The Kings of Leon are back again. Showing no signs of abating, the ‘Southern Strokes’ as they were dubbed back in 2002 continue to pump out the best arena-rock this side of Bon Jovi.

They played in New York last week and one song which has made it onto the internet is ‘Southbound’. It sounds more country-oriented than any of their previous efforts, and sees Caleb rocking out with the acoustic, with the band being joined onstage by support for the night, The Whigs, who also support when KOL come to Hyde Park next month.

“Oh, we see the lights, and we hearthe fires, it’s gonna be a stunner,” coos Caleb.It sounds like they have chosen album number five (it is hard to keep track of all of them, what with how quick they are to release them) to sing about the rigours of being on the road for nine months a year. He goes on, singing: “I don’t wanna say what I have to say.”

The chorus is likely to be a regular staple of daytime radio over the next 12 months. “I’m going back down to Southbound,” and repeat to fade. The Kings of Leon do not trade in renewing their sound with every new release as some bands do. But they do specialise in making surefire rawwwwk songs, and ‘Southbound’ is no different to what has gone before. Check out the video below.