Mgmt are crazy. First, they make a song ridiculing the music industry (‘Time to Pretend’) which goes on to make Ben and Andrew global stars and sees future songs such as ‘Electric Feel’ and ‘Kids’ piped through supermarket stereos.

Then, the duo make an album which they say will have no singles on it. Then they release ‘Flash Delirium’ to a global shrug. Then their second album ‘Congratulations’ arrived and everybody asked what happened to that good band that made that good song once. Ah, Mgmt, how you cheat us.

So, despite the claims of a singleless album, we arrive at the second release from Mgmt’s second album. The track is ‘It’s Working’, the opener, and actually sounds alright when taken on its own, rather than getting lost in a muddle of mediocrity as happens if you can survive the 45 or so minutes of the album. The video is rather good as well, and sees some cross-dressing action, kaleidoscopic lights and some poking at a weird box-type prop.

Maybe they are trying to win us back on their terms. Still a long way to go though. But who knows, if they release the 12 minute noodle-which-somehow-qualifies-as-a-song-these-days ‘Siberian Breaks’ and it makes sense as a single, then perhaps the joke is on us.

But anyway, the video is below.