‘Serotonin’ is Mystery Jets third stab at the big time and so far we had ‘Dreaming of another world’, to get us into the mood for the album.

Now, we get the title track done in the ‘Serotonin Session’. It is just as catchy as anything the band from Eel Pie Island have done before. What does it all mean? Well, according to Wikipedia, serotonin is, among other more sciencey things, a contributor to good feelings. “Serotonin, you burned a hole right to my heart,” shouts Blaine Harrison, confirming that they know the sciencey part slightly better than myself. (OED: “A compund in blood which constricts the blood vessels and brings about the transfer of impulses from one nerve to another.” Now we know…)

Hard to believe anyone could feel bad when listening to this song. The Session was filmed in a grand house by the River Thames in Hammersmith, London. It is built over a rather catchy synth-guitar riff, and sees singer Blaine Harrison sporting hair that looks like it was stolen right off the head of a scarecrow.