After showing us a glimpse into ‘The Suburbs’ last month, Arcade Fire have decided we are ready for the two singles. ‘Ready to start’ is going to be the first release this side of the Atlantic, while over in America, ‘We used to wait for it’ will be the first official release.

You can listen to them now, just below.

Arcade Fire-We Used to Wait For it by stripeyjumper

Arcade Fire- Ready to start by stripeyjumper

They appeared almost simultaneously on US and UK radio tonight. The first track, ‘We used to wait for it’ sees Win and the gang mourn the loss of writing letters and flashing lights, upon other things. Times have changed since ‘we last met’.

‘Now our lives are changing fast, I hope that something pure can last,” goes the nostalgiafest. Is it a lament for the pre-internet era of instantaneous delivery, what with the constant reference to letters? Surely things could not be this bad for the Montreal band? Don’t they have bigger fish to fry?

The piano-plonking is not very diverse but is the driving force behind the track. ‘I used to wait for it, now sing the chorus again/ Wait for it”. And the track ends.

‘Ready to start’ is a more guitar-driven track. Win says he would prefer to be alone and pretend he is alright.

”If I was scared I would/ If i was pure, I would/ If I was yours, I would/ Now I’m ready to start.”

Win claims that his mind is now open, but to what we are not told.

If the album, ‘The Suburbs’ is indeed a concept album, as is being mooted in some corners, then things may become clearer. As it is, the tracks do work by themselves, but wouldn’t it be nicer to know what exactly Win et al are scared of in ‘Ready to start’? Are they feeling more disillusioned with life in 2010 than they did when they released ‘Neon Bible’ three years ago? Only time will tell.

Enjoy the tracks…

Arcade Fire are playing Oxegen this summer, their only Irish date of the year, so far. They happen to be headlining above Jay Zed as well. The songs should sound immense live.