Magic Kids are Beach Boys in all but name. Lush instrumentation and doo-wop melodies pervade each track the band has unleashed on the world to date. You could be forgiven for thinking that they have never heard anything other than ‘Pet Sounds’.

Today, they gave us ‘Summer’ which sees the band mourning girlfriends past. “My missing you,” repeats Bennett in the chorus. It is a wistful, sad song, but undoubtedly pop music at its best.

It is the first release proper from their album, ‘Memphis’, which is coming out in August on True Panther records.

You can listen to, and download, ‘Summer’ below, and can have a listen to some of their other tracks that have been slowly but surely wooing the people who thought they would never find anything as catchy as ‘God Only Knows’ again. Prepare to be wooed by Magic Kids.

MagicKids Summer by stripeyjumper

The Magic Kids – Hey Boy by Taradactyl

The Magic Kids – Superball by plastiquenouveau