Breton is Roman Rappak and Adam Ainger with various others joining in. They hail from London and make music for those who think LCD Soundsystem are past their sell by date already.

They released their first ep, ‘Practical’ earlier this year, and have followed it up with ‘Sharing Notes’ which they released on July 5. It is only on ‘The Well’ that you can hear the sneering tones of London’s underground coming from them. They hide it well. ‘I lost teeth and gained wisdom’, they repeat. A rousing chorus if ever there was one.

Speaking to Red Hot Velvet about the track and the video, the band say, “Getting our track ‘The Well’ uploaded onto YouTube by a guy we had never met. He had somehow found the track, even though it was on a few underground blogs, and uploaded his own video for it. Its one of the greatest compliments we’ve ever had.” Truly a band for the people.

The Well from BretonLABS on Vimeo.

The physical copy of this EP will come mounted on a hand-made circuit board with a list of components and directions which, when followed, creates a fully working synth. Could be one of those collectibles in the future. It also looks very very cool. You can see the making of the ep-the physical part anyway- below.

BRETON 15X from BretonLABS on Vimeo.

There are various songs below, taken from their Soundcloud page. Enjoy.



‘The Well’

‘One Penny’

‘Sharing Notes’