YOU HAVE to give it up to Converse. Last year they managed to get Santigold, Julain Casablancas, and Pharrell together (albeit for a pretty poor track)

Thankfully, when they decided to repeat the process they chose to go for brimming under the radar stars Best Coast and Kid Cudi, who has been busy collaborating with quite a few people. Produced by Rostam Batmanjil from Vampire Weekend, the track is called ‘All Summer’ and sees Beth sing a lush chorus while Cudi provides the verse. Perhaps they don’t go together great, but that chorus has the power to have you on the beach in seconds.

The second track in the set below is Heart Shaped Rock, which I would be lying about if I said I discovered them myself. That honour belogs to GorillavsBear who have a bit of info on the band.

The third track is another fantastic Best Coast track, ‘Boyfriend’, which I have fallen in love with over the past week. I featured it earlier on this week but had to put it here again. I love the song, but am very aware that I might not want to be caught singing the chorus on the street.

After that is one of the best tracks of the year so far. Foster the People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ has got the band noticed slowly but surely over the past few weeks. Hopefully they will follow it up with something even better.

The final track of the set below is The Teenagers’ ‘Made Of’ which they gave away via a tweet last week. They made NME lavish charms on them in 2008 when they released their self-titled debut album which had ‘Homecoming’ on it. But apart from that, their was not that much to write home about. ‘Made Of’ is a nice reintroduction for those who had forgotten about them. The synth heavy song sees the Parisian band seek to make NME and more fall for them once more. Only time will tell if they succeed.

You can listen to, and download the five tracks below.

Best of the Week (2/7/10- 9/7/10) by stripeyjumper

The last week also saw some pretty good video releases, with the ever-wonderful Two Door Cinema CLub releasing ‘Come Back Home’ in visual mode. Another nice video from one of the bands, and albums of the year.

Brandon Flowers made his first solo effort, ‘Crossfire’, available to the world a few weeks back, and today gave us a video with ninjas and Charlize Theron and driving and fighting and Brandon with a moustache. Again. I thought he had gotten rid of it? Anyway, the song is not the best (very derivative, piano-led drivel with an arena-sized chorus), but the video is worth a look.

Both videos are below.

And as if that was not enough for you, up-and-coming Irish man/band Hipster Youth decided that you can download his album for free from bandcamp. Isn’t he nice? Enjoy the electronic, 8-bit goods here.

And there you have it. Some great new music, and some great new videos. You can also enjoy this and this too. Just in case all the rest was not enough.

And that was the best of the week.