Above: Amoral, the album cover

It is always quite difficult to describe a band off the bat, based on just a few songs that are available spread throughout the internet. But seriously, the last.fm description of Violens’s sound is rather long, winding and pointless.

Last.fm: “Violens are a New York-via-Miami four-piece formed in the fall of 2007 featuring members Iddo Arad (synths/vocals), Ben Brantley (bass), Jorge Elbrecht (lead vocals/guitar) and Kris King (drums). Their music imagines a place where The Zombies & The Byrds meet Wire & The Violent Femmes, and Crass meets Angelo Badalamenti & Prefab Sprout.”

Far too many bands to take in from that description. Personally, I think Violens sound similar to New Order– sorry to throw another band into the mix there.

They are releasing their debut album, Amoral at the end of September on the Static Recital label. They release the third track on the album, ‘Acid Reign’ on 7” vinyl at the end of the month, backed by a Washed Out collaboration, ‘Space Around The Feel Station’, which I am sure we will hear soon.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait til the end of the month to hear the wonderful ‘Acid Reign’. You can listen to, and download, the track off the Soundcloud below, or via the handy little widget thing. Under all that is another widget where you can get a winter mixtape off the band.

Violens- ‘Acid Reign’

Tracklist for the winter mixtape:

1. Full Collision
2. I See You / Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine sung by Violens over The Byrds)
3. Lighting Lightning
4. Could You Stand to Know? / Abysmal Depths Are Flooded (Violens sung over Xasthur)
5. Could You Stand to Know?
6. Outdoor Miner (Wire feat. Jorge Elbrecht of Violens)
7. Lighting Lightning (demo version)
8. Trance-like Turn
9. Spectator & Pupil (RAC remix)
10. Warm Collision (feat. Caroline Polachek of Chairlift)
11. Doomed (MGMT remixes Violens)
12. Violent Sensation Descends (Lansing-Dreiden remixes Violens)
13. Unfinished Business(Violens remix White Lies)
14. Avenue (Violens cover Saint Etienne)

Violens are touring with MGMT around America in August, but hopefully we will see them on this side of the pond around the time of the Amoral release. Then, we might think of even more bands to compare them with. I am sure of it.