Above: FLApes. Drummer included

Fight Like Apes are back. After dropping a notably reluctant drummer, and making a few appearances on the Dublin scene with Super Extra Bonus Party, May Kay, Tom, and Pockets are back.

‘Hoo Ha Henry’ is the first new stuff we have heard from FLApes since ‘…. And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion’. It sounds like it could fit effortlessy onto that album from 2008, what with its movie-bite at the start. It sounds like a quieter ‘Something Global’ and sees typically obnoxious lyrics from singer May Kay.

But do we want it any other way? The group is probably the best live band in Ireland (though Cast of Cheers, SEBP, Two Door Cinema Club, and …ASIWYFA may have something to say about that), and as the old adage goes, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

‘Hoo Ha Henry’ is typically Fight Like Apes. It is made to be played live. So those going to Electric Picnic should have fun. The track is officially released on August 20. Have a listen below though.

Hat tip to Swearimnotpaul