INTERPOL are one of those bands who will never reinvent themselves. They play guitar music and they do it better than most. None of that lo-fi stuff please.

We have already heard ‘Lights’
and seen the video (Which you can see again, below. Warning: It is rather odd) so it seems high time that we got another piece of music from the New York band.

‘Barricade’ has yet another great guitar riff on it, and sees Paul Banks yelping throughout. It is fantastic. “You know us,” he repeats towards the end. After four albums, I think it is safe to say that we do.

The album is self-titled and is out in September. The cover art is what you see above. They are playing three dates in Dublin’s Olympia theatre in November/December. There are trickles of tickets left for the third date. Better hurry.

Interpol- ‘Barricade’

Here is the tracklisting for the album, if you like that sort of foreknowledge.

1. Success
2. Memory Serves
3. Summer Well
4. Lights
5. Barricade
6. Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
7. Safe Without
8. Try It On
9. All of the Ways
10. The Undoing

And here, finally is the aforementioned video for ‘Lights’, the first track we heard from the album…