Earlier today, Cut Copy let the world hear the first new track from their forthcoming album, which sadly is not scheduled to be out for another six months or so.

If you are unfamiliar with Cut Copy, then that must be remedied soon. They are from Australia and do dance rock that makes it impossible to not get involved with. Feet must be tapped; heads must be tapped; dancing must be done. Their song, ‘Lights and Music’, off their previous album, In House Colours, was one of the best things about 2008.

They are back with ‘Where I’m Going’, a more laidback, and more guitar driven track. The comedown to the ecstacy of ‘In House Colours’. This is the grown up brother. It starts off almost as a homage to Velvet Underground’s ‘Waiting for the man’.

But then come all the wooing, the yeahs, and the oo-ooo-uh-oos and you realise they have not forget how to get people singing, or squaking along.

You can listen to the track below, watch a little video on them during the recording process that they made a month ago, and check out the video for ‘Lights and Music’ too. You will not be disappointed.

Cut Copy- ‘Where I’m Going’

Cut Copy are playing Tripod (not the Button Factory) on Tuesday, July 20.