I love it when a band just makes a perfect track. And at three minutes and seventeen seconds, ‘Endless Summer’ has all the ingredients necessary to become the breakthrough track for the wonderful Still Corners.

They hail from London and make music not unlike Slow Club. There are also touches of Neu in the drumming and some dream-pop with the vocals.

Their Myspace only has a few hundred plays for each song so it is safe to say that the only way is up for this band. But with a track like ‘Endless Summer’ under their belt, don’t count on things staying like that for long.

You can stream the song below along with numerous others. And of course, support the band by buying the track at Bandcamp, a steal at just one British pound.

Still Corners – ‘Endless Summer’

Still Corners – ‘History of Love’

Still Corners – ‘French Kiss’


Thanks to Gorillavsbear for the tip.