So Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has decided to go rave for his new project? Bassist Gordon Moakes has decided to go much heavier, invoking numerous thoughts (in my mind anyway) of Reuben. Nothing bad there.

Young Legionnaire is Gordon, Paul Mullen (from Yourcodenameis:Milo) and William Bowerman (drummer with La Roux) and they make heavy music. It came together following the 2008 collaboration that YCI:M put together.

The two tracks that Young Legionnaire have unleashed upon the world so far hint that we won’t be seeing many onstage rave antics anytime soon. But we could definitely see some moshing from the floor.

Stream the two tracks below.

Young legionnaire – ‘Iron Dream’

Young Legionnaire – ‘Colossus’


No Irish dates as of yet, but they are playing London’s Hoxton Bar and Grill on August 17.