They may be known to a lot of people already, having been featured on Stereogum back in September.

But Freelance Whales only released their debut album, Weathervanes on this side of the pond last Friday. It has been out in America for a few months now, and the hold-up is odd. If I was a record exec I would have had them signed straight away, and gotten an album out sharpish.

The band is like Passion Pit but on prozac. Nothing gets out of control on Weathervanes, and the band’s tenderness is a joy to behold.

They have played with cymbals Eat Guitars and Bear in Heaven, two wonderful bands with great albums already under their belt and available over here, in America so they definitely have pedigree.

Have a listen to Weathervanes in full below, and watch the video for ‘Generator^Second Floor.


And here is Generator^First Floor, performed for NPR at SXSW earlier this year.