The xx might be one of the most remixed bands in history. At least the most with only one album under their belt. But what an album. it has soundtracked everything: the British general election, the World Cup, festival coverage, and so much more.

And here we have a remix of ‘Shelter’, one of the more haunting (of all the haunting tracks to choose from) sone by John Talabot. I have not heard the man before, but his Myspace suggests The xx might not be his cup of tea. But you would be wrong.

The track is a wonderful near seven minutes of perfection with more percussion than the original and a truly great track in its own right. Have a listen for yourselves.

The xx – ‘Shelter’ (John Talabot remix)

Here they are performing ‘Islands’ on Jools Holland:

They should be finishing up their punishing touring schedule for their debut album soon. Could be a while until we hear from them again. Though in November, there will be this to look forward to.