Archive: July 2010

Two of my favourite bands from a few years ago were Blood Red Shoes and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly. I got to see both bands in Cork in tiny venues (The Whisky, formerly the Blues Bar, and The Savoy lounge respectively). Since those days, Blood Red Shoes have made a second album and become […]

This week Out On A limb release their first split 7 single since 2006. Featuring Windings and Vertigo Smyth, the single has left everyone on a high. Last week, I spoke to CiarĂ¡n Ryan, founder and co-runner of the label, Steve Ryan (no relation), lead singer of Windings, and Mr Vertigo Smyth. Read it all […]

Holy Ghost have not put a foot wrong over the past few months, particularly if you have listened to this or watched this Now they have made a new video for the equally wonderful ‘I Know, I hear’. It has Caroline Polachek from Chairlift making an appearance and was directed by Ben Fries. Needless to […]

Grinderman have made the first track from their second album, Grinderman II available via Soundcloud. Grinderman – ‘Heathen Child’ If you didn’t realise, the band features Nick Cave embracing his, er, sexual deviant side. The album is out in Ireland September 10. Have a listen to the wonderful ‘No Pussy Blues’ from the first album […]

Kele’s album The Boxer is winning people over slowly but surely. Mostly due to the live show which has been variously described, and I paraphrase, as the greatest rave since Prodigy went rubbish. Last week, Kele released the second single off the album. ‘Everrything you Wanted’ is very similar in sound to Bloc Party, but […]

Jamaica are a French band who deal in heavier-than-average indie pop. It isn’t quite Phoenix, but it is not Slipknot either. They have made a new video, which you can watch below, directed by Martial Schmetz & Jeremie Rozan. It is kind of like a headbanging version of Run DMC vs Jason Nevins. JAMAICA – […]

Out On A Limb are releasing a split 7″ next week featuring a wonderful new Windings track, and Vertigo Smyth. You can watch a live interpretation of the later track below. Vertigo Smyth is Tim from Ennis. It is a great little summery track and could well get picked up by the national stations, like […]

The Maximum Balloon hype is starting to catch on. In case you don’t know, Dave Sitek (of Tv On The Radio fame, plus numerous production duties- but not Foals) is Maximum Balloon and has lots of friends guesting on the album. We already had the video for ‘Tiger’, which you can see below, and now […]

Mystery Jets may have left the ’80s behind with the release of new album Serotonin recently, but half the band (Will and Kai) have joined forces with The Count and Sinden to make the most ’80s video since… Well, since ‘Two Doors Down’. There is lots of bright, sparkly jackets and lots of synth. Watch […]

So Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke has decided to go rave for his new project? Bassist Gordon Moakes has decided to go much heavier, invoking numerous thoughts (in my mind anyway) of Reuben. Nothing bad there. Young Legionnaire is Gordon, Paul Mullen (from Yourcodenameis:Milo) and William Bowerman (drummer with La Roux) and they make heavy music. […]