Archive: August 2010

You may have heard about Broken Social Scene releasing six remixes for their current single ‘All To All’. Today, we got to the half way mark with the release of the Jojoflores and Rom Jamsteady remix of the track. Not quite household names but they certainly know their way around a tune, and ‘All To […]

Jimmy Fallon hosted the Emmys last night, and with help from quite a lot of people, he managed to recreate Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ in ways I am sure The Boss in the 70s would never have wanted. But anything with Tina Fey and Jon Hamm is ok in my book. Weezer’s new cover […]

If you hadn’t already heard, The Libertines reunited this weekend for the Reading and Leeds festivals. Reported to be getting a fee in the region of £1million for showing up, the shows were never going to live up to the hype were they? Sadly, I was not there, and am very hopeful that Pete and […]

Fight Like Apes recently released their second album, The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner and today, the first single, ‘Hoo Ha Henry’ was given a video. An ideal wedding band, I think we can all agree. And also, isn’t it wonderful to see the likes of Flapes and Stevie Wonder bringing […]

Arcade Fire headlined the Saturday (day two) of Reading Festival 2010, coming on after The reformed Libertines. You can watch the BBC version of the show below, with the tracklist underneath. Looking forward to the o2 anyone? The full tracklist (not all of this was played in the above videos, obviously: ‘Ready To Start’ ‘Keep […]

It is getting closer and closer to the release date of the self-titled fourth album from Interpol, and here is the official video to ‘Barricade’. It follows ‘Lights’ which we heard a few months ago. It was directed by Moh Azima, and features a Flying V guitar and some Interpol heads super-imposed on naked female […]

An EP last week. An album announcement yesterday. And today, Sufjan Stevens gives us the first taster off the album. ‘I Walked’ is taken from Age Of Adz, out in October. It is more electro than what we were given on All Delighted People last Friday, but it doesn’t mean it is not amazing. Does […]

NME call them The Smith’s reincarnated. But if that is slightly too much hype than you can believe, perhaps it is better to think of The Heartbreaks as a good version of The Drums. They come from Morecombe in England, and with a name like theirs, you may think that their subject choice is quite […]

Were Wavves high when they made this? I think the answer will soon become clear. Wasters… ‘Post Acid’ is taken from King Of the Beach out now.

Yes, this does sound like Beach Boys. But what is wrong with that? Here are some other things you may notice about Magic Kids from watching ‘Superball’. Sun drenched clothes? Check. Starwipe? Check. Looking wistfully into the camera? Check. 80s sheen? Check. The youngest keyboard player in the world? Check. Directed by Jack Ferry? Check. […]