My favourite album of the year is Local Natives’ Gorilla Manor. It is out on Frenchkiss records and has been available since February.

Sadly I bypassed it until this month. Every song blew me away, and their Fleet Foxes with ever-so-slightly-heavier-guitar is nevver going to fail to brighten my day.

Local Natives are from California. They are keyboardist Kelcey Ayer, guitarists Ryan Hahn and Taylor Rice, Matt Frazier on drums and Andy Hamm on bass. They like their three part harmonies which are a necessity in today’s music world.

Have a stream of the album Gorilla Manor below. Make sure to pay particular attention to ‘Sun Hands’ which is a phenomenal beast of a track (and download it further down), and features three or four solos all going on at the same time. I have to take a breather every time I listen to it.

And now some videos…

The official video for ‘World News’:

A KEXP session saw the band cover Talking Heads’ ‘Warning Sign’:

The same session saw them perform ‘Camera Talk’ from Gorilla Manor:

They also played ‘Sun Hands’:

Gorilla Manor is out now and deserves a place in all the end-of-year lists.

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