Kitsuné have just added Heartsrevolution to their wonderful roster of bands. Something that springs to mind at the moment is Crystal Castles. But let’s try and give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

But Kitsuné have worked wonders with Two Door Cinema Club, Jamaica and many more, so I think they have earned some trust on the issue. The band is from New York and are a three piece with a shouty girl leading proceedings.

Have a listen to some of their tracks and remixes below. They release their debut album, Ride or Die in the Autumn.

HeartsRevolution Tracks

Have a look at the mindbening video for ‘Switchblade’. Warning: it is loud and should not be watched if you have epilepsy.


The band played in Dublin back in 2009 as part of NoDisko’s club. You can look at some photos here, and let’s hope they will be back soon enough.