NME call them The Smith’s reincarnated. But if that is slightly too much hype than you can believe, perhaps it is better to think of The Heartbreaks as a good version of The Drums.

They come from Morecombe in England, and with a name like theirs, you may think that their subject choice is quite limited. But they are certainly making a fine fist of adding their two cents into the love song canon.

Matt Whitehouse sings, Ryan Wallace is on guitar, Chris Deakin (like Animal Collective! *Hype overload*) plays bass and Joseph Kondras completes the line up on drums.

The Heartbreaks look like they skipped school to make the video for latest single ‘I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You’, as they doss around their hometown and end up noodling on guitar in the casino.

The Heartbreaks – ‘I Didn’t Think It Would Hurt To Think Of You’

This is their first single, that they released in March.

The Heartbreaks – ‘Liar, My Dear’

And here are another few tracks from the band:

The Heartbreaks – ‘Save Our Souls’

The Heartbreaks – Jealous, Don’t You Know’

The last track up there is a year old (and available for download) so gives some example as to how talented the four piece are.

The Heartbreaks: a band to fall in love with, again and again and again.