Archive: September 2010

What exactly are Kings Of Leon trying to pull with their new video for ‘Radioactive’, the first single to be taken from Come Around Sundown? Are they trying to show they are still a band of the people? Despite billions and trillions of albums sold and the whole world falling in love with them, do […]

Due to a combination of no internet and a thesis due at the end of the month, blogging has been at a bare minimum for the past week. But it is hard to resist keeping you all up to date about the wonder of Villagers, who had quite a busy week. Conor J played two […]

‘Helicopter’ is the second single to be taken from the forthcoming album Halycon Digest and really does sound like producer Ben Allen has leant a hand to proceedings. His cv includes work with, yep, Animal Collective. ‘Helicopter’ is a slow burning claustrophobic take on the infinitely happier ‘My Girls’, from AC. Still though, things sound […]

Apparantly it is not ok to write the actual title of the track, hence the asterisks. I am sure you can all guess what letters are missing. Anyway, if you haven’t heard ‘F**k You’ yet, get ready for one of the unlikeliest hits of the year. Cee Lo Green doesn’t sound like he is missing […]

For AV Undercover, a series of classic songs covered by newish bands, The Walkmen came in and were left with REM’s ‘Driver 8’. They do a wonderful jo, I think you will agree. There is also a better explanation at the start of the video. Here is the original REM version: Watch all the performances […]