What exactly are Kings Of Leon trying to pull with their new video for ‘Radioactive’, the first single to be taken from Come Around Sundown?

Are they trying to show they are still a band of the people? Despite billions and trillions of albums sold and the whole world falling in love with them, do Caleb and co still feel unloved? In the video, the band are seen frolicking in Africa, playing football (because if the World Cup has taught us anything, it is that Africans love football!), fishing and cycling, and teaching the African kids, because seemingly nobody else will!

Anyway, the Kings must have had a sit down to decide how to make their sound bigger, and the obvious answer was to get a children’s choir in. They did, and they sound ever-so-slightly bigger than on ‘Use Somebody’, and who could have predicted that? Everyone, I assume.

What about the sound? It is no Youth And Young Manhood, their best, and first, album. It is no Aha Shake Heartbreak, their second, and second best album. But yeah, it is quite like the last album. Guitar noodling that would kill dogs abound throughout the track, which is expected to be everywhere soon. As are the band, who will be playing next door to you soon.

Or watch it via Youtube.

Come Around Sundown is out next month. If you want a sneak listen to the album, perhaps a listen to the Only By The Night will suffice.

Disclaimer: I do actually like Kings Of Leon, I just don’t like the way their sound has become global straddling. It is not the band I loved back in 2004. Sorry…