Archive: October 2010

One of the best live bands in Ireland, ….And So I Watch You From Afar (ASIWYFA) played on Under Ether on RTE tv last night. A track off their recent Letters ep, and an interview were the result, both of which you can watch below. ‘D Is For Django’ is the track the band performed. […]

A day in the life of the Coachella music festival in America. In 50,000 pictures. This. is. Amazing. It has to be watched full screen though. Coachelletta from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo. Go here for loads more on the creator, Sam O’Hare. And many thanks to Miriam Walsh for alerting me about it. Follow her.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs make electronic music that would put the fear into Hot Chip. There are plenty of remixes from the band already floating around the internet (here, for example) and the track below, ‘Household Goods’, is both a banging club tune, as well as a Sunday morning record to ease you into the […]

I am slightly behind on this one, because on Wednesday night, Spies launched their first ep, Liars Call Me King at The Workman’s Club. But anyway… Spies are a five-piece from Dublin and are so kind that you can download the ep from Bandcamp. Have a listen below to find out just why exactly you […]

As you may have heard from many other sites, Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. And after many false dawns, some proper music from the duo. And it was worth the wait. No other band could have soundtracked Tron really though, could they? Can you spot them in the video below? [Via […]

The brilliant Out On A Limb record label put out their first release in a long time during the summer with a double-side single from Windings and Vertigo Smyth. And now, they are giving us some more. C!ties and Guilty Optics are put together for OOAL 0015. Guilty Optics play ‘White Teeth, which will bring […]

Just ignore the show and its presenter and listen to a great track from Windings, ‘Brian Fluid’, off their second album It’s Never Night. Follow them on Facebook for more.

Sadly, they did not appear together on the show, but still, both Macca and Black Keys played some great stuff last night as they entertained Jools and his audience. Macca did ‘Band On The Run’, which still sounds amazing, and ‘Jet’. Black Keys did ‘Tighten Up’, one of the best tracks off their recently-released Brothers […]

Yup, that is THE Robert Smith of The Cure fame, singing over a track by Crystal Castles. So distictly him, and so bad that we have not heard it more in recent years. Great track, as you expect from the Alice Glass and Ethan Kath. Though Alice is very much to the side of this […]

Have you heard the great new album by four-piece girld group Warpaint yet? Why not listen below – it is rather good… Free music – The Fool