Converse has done it again. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better after the Best Coast/Rostam/Cudi mix-up, they get Hot Chip back in the recording studio. It didn’t really matter who it was with, because Hot Chip are just that good.

The track is called ‘I Didn’t Know What Love Was’, and you would be right in thinking that it sounds a little like New Order. Bernard Sumner, singer of said band lends his vocals, and some synth stylings to the track, to make it a great amalgamation of the two bands. It also features Hot City.

Have a listen.

Hot Chip – ‘I Didn’t Know What Love Was’

Download the track here.

And for more on the track, including a video, and future Converse music – which will undoubtedly be prett good, check out Music Week.

Bernard Sumner made a little film for Converse too.