New Avey Tare last week. New Panda Bear this week. And Geologist is making kids’ shoes. This must be a dream for Animal Collective fans.

Panda Bear/Noah Lennox/THE musical genius of our time is releasing his latest two track ep next week in the UK (And Ireland presumably), and haven’t they only hit the internet!

Thanks to We All Want Some1, you can stream the new tracks, ‘Alsatian Darn’, and ‘You Can Count On me’, below.

Panda Bear – ‘Alsatian Darn’

Panda Bear – ‘You Can Count On Me’

You can read more over at Domino, but the 7″ may have already sold out.

There is more on the site about Panda Bear’ first 7″ release. Things are looking great for the release of Tomboy.

Also, have you seen this live track from Vicar Street earlier this year from Mr Lennox? Tentatively titled ‘Bullseye’.