If you read the NME, no doubt you will have seen the name of The Vaccines, as the magazine has now decided that this band are the future/saviors of music as we know it.

Now that is perhaps a little too far along the lines, and when you see a band lauded as much as this, before you have even heard them, I assume everyone is a bit skeptical. I was too.

Even after listening to the tracks, I didn’t think they were that good. But then, three days later, I am still singing ‘If You Wanna’. And that is the very essence of a great song. Wheras Katy Perry gets stuck in your head because of how mindlessly irritating it is, The Vaccinces tracks burrow their way in because, well, they are rather enticing.

Whatever about the future of music, one can assume that The Vaccines will continue to grow. There is a split single on the way soon of ‘Blow It Up’ and ‘Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’. Together, the tracks don’t even make it to the four minute mark. But it just doesn’t matter.

Remember The Ramones? Well, so do The Vaccines, and that is the most obvious touchstone. There is more there, but let’s wait and see what comes next for the band. They apparantly have 20 songs written, and the whole of the music biz chasing after them. So give it a while.

Stream the single tracks below, as well as the other great track available online, ‘If You Wanna’. And be patient with the band: they only played their first live show last week.

The Vaccines- ‘Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’

The Vaccines – ‘Blow it Up’

The Vaccines – ‘If You Wanna’