Lightspeed Champion, aka Dev Hynes, aka one third of defunct NME darlings Test Icicles, has a new ep coming out in December. He worked with composer Van Dyke Parks, who people may remember was involved with Brian Wilson’s Smile debacle album.

It is a relaxed affair as Hynes takes us through four laid-back tracks, two of which might be familiar to some. The opening track, ‘Til I Die’ is a cover of a Beach Boys track (and is the best song on the ep), and ‘Underwater, There Is Nothing’, which was called ‘There’s Nothing Underwater’, and appeared on Life If Sweet! Nice To Meet You, which Hynes released earlier this year. You can listen to a live version below, as well as the ep itself, courtesy of Domino.

Lightspeed Champion – ‘Til I Die’

Go here for a listen to the full ep.