So Robyn thinks she is being productive releasing three albums in one year? Maybe she should take a look at Richie Egan’s schedule. He has already released one acclaimed album this year, in the shape of Redneck Manifesto’s Friendship, and he has been recording his new solo album, the follow up to the Choice-winning Ritual. And he is running a marathon!

But there is more!

Along with Niall Byrne, of the aforementioned Redneck Manifesto, Richie has put together a synth-loving outfit that goes by the name of Visionair. They put a mix together a few weeks back and now they have just released a free ep, Autumn.

Four tracks of smooth electro make up the ep. Just wait ’til you listen to the astounding ‘Totem’, prefereably with earphones.

Hear the tracks below, and download individually, or grab ’em in a rar file here.

Visionair – ‘Troll’s Hat’

Visionair – ‘Kin-Youbi’

Visionair – ‘Totem’

Visionair – ‘God’s Hammer’

And here is the mix that the band did for Punt magazine a few weeks back, with the tracklisting underneath.


1. enya – less than a pearl
2. mobius and plank – two oldtimers
3. ital tek – moon bow
4. actress – maze
5. patrick kelleher – wonder (jape remix)
6. games – planet party
7. mariah – shinzo no tobira
8. aeroplane – i crave paris
9. tyler the creator – inglorious
10. untold – stop what you’re doing (james blake remix)
11. sbtrkt – when doves strike
12. peter gabriel – the drop